How Changed LeadhillsOnline

For a few days now, I have been receiving emails intended for Aileen Campbell MSP. They have arrived through the LeadhillsOnline contact form and all are concerning the proposal to assign “guardians” to all Scottish children – The Children and Young Persons Bill (Scotland).

Beloved Son (our Chris) discovered that our hits on Aileen’s page on LeadhillsOnline, had quadrupled with most arriving from, via an article there about the above bill. Our site has been given as a point of contact for Ms Campbell and visitors have been erroneously using the leadhillsonline contact form, assuming it would send to her as the article says she can be contacted at – she can’t, only contact details can be found. You can find the offending article here.

After two requests to to swap the link for something sensible, like (I have not asked for the removal of the article, only the link); nothing has been done, so we have altered our site such that our Aileen Campbell page now redirects to Aileen’s own site, if the originating link is at We have also temporarily removed the contact page from our site. This is a pain as it has messed up the flow and form of our site, for no other reason than a few poorly chosen words and an inappropriate link on It gets worse, a few other sites have copied the error.

In my third email to the webmaster, I have indicated that I would post a news item here, to inform our visitors of the reason for the changes in our site. It remains to be seen whether or not that will get any attention. If this article disappears, it has.

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