Leadhills & Wanlockhead Railway

Built on an historic rail link that originally ran between Elvanfoot and Wanlockhead via Leadhills, this light railway is maintained and operated by volunteers of The Leadhills and Wanlockhead Railway Society.
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Leadhills Miners Library

Also known as the Allan Ramsay Library, it has reverted to its original name of The Leadhills Reading Society. Housing an extensive antiquarian book collection and local relics, records and minerals, the library is of significant historical and geological importance.
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Leadhills Golf Course

This nine hole course is the highest in Scotland, its location offering considerable challenge – winds can be high and unpredictable as they are channeled between the hills. Bookings are taken through the Village Shop (adjacent to The Hopetoun Arms Hotel on Main Street).

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The Grouse Moors

Covering in excess of 11,000 acres around Leadhills, these are among the finest in Scotland. Whether you shoot with a gun or a camera or just enjoy the seclusion, the moors offer exceptional recreational value.

The Grouse Butts at Glen Franka Rig overlook the Leadhills reservoir which, despite its artificial origin, is outstandingly beautiful and peaceful.


The Grave of John Taylor

Reputed to be 137 years of age at the time of his death, John Taylor’s grave (shared with his son, Robert) can be found in the village graveyard. His reputed age has even attracted the attention of the BBC



There are several websites offering information on attractions and places of interest within Leadhills or nearby.