Leadhills Gala

I’m a bit slow this week. After the Gala effort, of which I was a modest part, I had forgotten to post something about it.  It was an open note from Colin McGavigan that jogged my memory – Facebook does have its uses. Thus, what is reproduced below is very much with thanks to Colin and to  A & C & the twa’ dugs.

To all those who were involved with the organisation of the Leadhills Gala, this letter is to me but it is for you and for our fellow villagers. Please share it as I don’t have everyone from Leadhills who is on Facebook as a friend.

Dear Colin,

Am not sure if you will remember talking with me some time ago in ************ when you were canvassing for votes or not? So, whether you do or don’t, I thought we’d use your email address for this purpose, and hope that you don’t mind us doing so. My Significant other half and I both had the pleasure of visiting Leadhills this weekend particularly for the Gala day.

We would simply like to convey our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all who made the day seemingly go without a hitch, even in the face of the good old fashioned Lowther hills weather. Like drooket bairns in an old school yard, we both gathered for the start of the procession which was literally dampened by the weather. Particular mention has to be made to the old gentleman who was kind enough to open up a barn opposite the Hotel and allowed us to shelter there. Following the Queen and her Page down the sodden street, where they both were visibly wished well by the homeowners peering out of their homes like rabbits from a warren.

To see the community present rally around the kids to make sure that despite the weather of the day, that they could execute their gala duties as if the sun was shining, simply put, it is heart warming. The battle you all had with the heel’in midges was admirable. Regrettably C. and I could not bear the bites and even have found the tell tale signs of midges in places too rude to mention.

So with that we zoomed around the park supporting all we could before leaving. Our loot from the flower stall will flourish beautifully in our little garden at home, and forever will remind us of the genuinely helpful and friendly people running that stall. The same sentiment has to be extended to you all, as there wasn’t one person that day who didn’t walk past without a nod or a small ‘hi’, and at best some stopped for a full blown conversation about how nice our water logged shelties looked with their little jackets on.

In closing, we felt that we just had to write to say, that even though the weather and midges were against us all, you, the people of Leadhills, made the day by coming together.

No rain can dampen that sunny spirit, and no midge can take a bite that would lessen the impact of your efforts.

Well done! Looking forward to next year’s!

A. & C. & the twa’ dugs.

As a footnote to the above, I should like to add that the weans seemed to enjoy a thoroughly messy time, negotiating the saturated bowling green (which now resembles a peat bog) with the effortlessness and delight that only children can muster. Another “against the odds” Gala success.

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