Vodafone: No Real Answer, But Some Goodwill

It seems the Vodafone signal has reappeared as mysteriously as it disappeared. As yet, there is no further information from Vodafone as to why the signal became so unreliable.

In the meantime, Vodafone Customer Service Advisor, Lynn McGrath, has made good on her offer of a free Sure Signal unit for the First Responders; to be trialled by Rab McCafferty.

Whilst most of us would be delighted to hear what the problem was, it seems that even Vodafone has been unable to come up with answers, but where Lynn is concerned, it has not been for want of effort. Lynn entered the fray about a week after the saga started and deserves credit for being the first (and only) of my many Vodafone contacts to make a real effort to find out what was going on.

It may well be that with the various construction activities ongoing on the Wind-farm, that this had something or everything to do with the problem. But as work progresses and the lay of the land changes, the actual cause of our signal problems may never be determined; being consigned to history under a forest of turbines. We shall see.

Be that as it may, thanks are due to Lynn for giving us a hearing and trying to get to the bottom of things – more than can be said for many.

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