Leadhills Water Update

Sorry for the delay on this one, but I had a load of other stuff to do and I wanted to ensure that the minutes of the meeting have been accepted as true – no complaints yet. Anyway, here’s the latest.

On 26th June, Aileen Campbell MSP kindly took up the reins previously held by Karen Gillon and chaired a follow-up meeting of the Leadhills Action Group with Scottish Water. This was a most productive meeting with much positive input from Scottish Water representatives, Frank Markey, Mark Petrie and Mark Dickson.

In brief, it is the intention of Scottish Water to act upon the findings of their survey of water provision in Leadhills, correcting the issues of poorly installed supply pipes. Their survey, using radar techniques, identified several areas for concern and a number of “unknowns” which will be addressed by directed and exploratory works. Letters detailing these works are to be expected soon. The works are expected to last some six months.

The minutes for the meeting can be viewed or downloaded here. (Adobe PDF format)

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