Leadhills Broadband Outage: Complaint to BT

It has taken some time to put this together, but better late than never. This morning, a joint letter of complaint, with ten signatories, was dispatched to the Director of Customer Services, at BT. It would have been desirable to have had more sign this letter, but as around half of those affected by the outage are unknown to me and a small number of those known were unavailable to sign, the letter has gone as-is.

There is no point bemoaning the atrocious service we “get” (if that’s the right word) from BT, unless we are willing to complain and do so with determination and persistence. And so it is, the letter will be circulated to our local MP and MSPs and other interested parties, including chamber’s of commerce; the outage affected at least three businesses. We will not stop there. If BT fail to acknowledge within fourteen days and fail to deliver improvements thereafter, we will pursue the matter further and in the public domain. To this end, our letter of complaint is available here: BT Letter of Complaint – April 2013. Start as we mean to go on.

As and when developments arise, they will appear on this site – watch this space!

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