Superfast Broadband – Pointless Without IP6

How do you get to the web content you want? Well, you type in a URL or use a shortcut or bookmark that stores a URL, that  goes off to a DNS server that translates said URL into an IP address, compliant with Internet Protocol version 4; and bingo, your web browser arrives at the site you want.

Unfortunately, IP version 4 is effectively obsolete. As of September this year, Europe ran out of available IP4 addresses, Asia ran out last year. We are now sharing more addresses than ever before and it simply can’t go on. Enter IP version 6. This protocol supports an effectively inexhaustible number of possible IP addresses, rather more than the four billion supported by IP4. It is also more secure than IP4 and with superfast broadband, promises to open many more doors. Unfortunately, the UK is lagging behind, as noted in this BBC article.

But it gets worse. So poor has been the Government response to the deployment of IP6, 6UK the body set up to promote and support these essential changes, has pulled its own plug; in protest.

Experience has shown that it takes Government leadership to get good national propagation of IP6. In the absence of good leadership in the UK (no government department/website, currently supports IP6 or is showing any commitment to do so), 6UK is powerless to effectively advance the protocol. This will result is the UK falling behind the rest of Europe and the world, with likely negative commercial consequences. Put simply, to compete effectively, we must be IP6 ready.

So where does that leave Glencapel and Lowther? We get superfast broadband, but have nowhere to go. If we are not to be wasting our time, effort and money, we need to get Westminster in gear. All it needs is 100,000 signatures and a parliamentary debate is on the cards, so please sign here. This petition was approved and launched today, so don’t be alarmed by the currently low number of signatories. Now spread the word. Feel free to contact your MP/ MSP or anyone else who can be persuaded or nagged into supporting the most urgent Internet upgrade since the start of the Net itself.

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