Leadhills Breaks a Flora Barrier

In the press recently, a number of articles reporting the discovery of a new hybrid species of the Monkey Flower; on the bank of Shortcleuch Water where it runs alongside Elvanfoot road. The discovery was made by Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin of the University of Stirling.

Mimulus Peregrinus photographed by Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin

Mimulus Perigrinus

So it seems the Leadhills climate is good for something; in this case, a pretty wee Monkey Flower.

If you’d like to know more, a selection of articles are linked below.






A summary of Dr Vallejo-Marin’s paper relating to this part of his work can be found on Pensoft’s Phytokeys journal site, where you can also download or view the full paper.

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