Leadhills: Coldest Village in the UK

Apparently, it’s official. Leadhills is the coldest village in the UK.

I must own up to being a bit late picking this one up – though it’s something I’ve suspected for a long time. In the wake of the Scottish Water upgrade, this little gem appeared at the Beeb:

Freeze-prone water pipes in Leadhills replaced

It seems the latest thirty year climate period has bestowed this dubious distinction upon Leadhills; like we didn’t know already. This little known nugget is cited by the Scottish Water production manager responsible for the Leadhills upgrade, in the above Beeb report.

So what do we feel about this recognition of yet another Leadhills “first”; to join the Subscription library, highest village (until Wanlockhead got it – we’re working on that) and highest golf course, etc.?

Me? I’d go for proud with frosty spells.

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