Vodafone: Enquiries ongoing, but we will get to know

The latest from Vodafone Customer services is more positive, though stops short of immediate answers. Whatever the problem is, their representative seems at pains to assure us that they are working the problem and will tell us what is causing our regular drop out as soon as they find out. What happens then is matter of conjecture.

On a more positive note, Vodafone’s representative has offered a free Sure Signal for the First Responders. It’s understood that this may be of limited benefit, but I’ll let team decide.

Here’s Vodafone’s latest reply:

Dear Mr Fuller

Thank you for you email

Please accept my apologies if the information regarding the dropped calls wasn’t very informative, I have today again spoke to our technical team, they can see screen shots every 15 mins, they have advised in the last 15 mins there had been 8 calls made and only 1 failed. 108 data connections and no failures.

We are aware that the coverage is very poor in the area and we can put a request in for another site, however there is no guarantee this would be approved and if it was it would take a long time for the site to be ready.

I understand that you would like to know where the cell site is, however for the security of the site we don’t give this information out.

I appreciate that you and the community want answers and I¬†only wish I could tell you that the coverage is going to improve, but I can’t. I appreciate that you have the first responder team, and I can offer a sure signal free of charge, however this will only work if the users have 3 g handsets, have the internet at the location and it will only let up to 4 users log on to the sure signal and it will depend on the speed of the internet. This is a device that is placed in 1 spot so can’t be moved around and wouldn’t benefit people who are out looking for people who have gone missing ect.

We can look at individual customers to see if they would benefit from a sure signal, they would have to contact us and we would look at each case on a separate basis.

I can of course keep you updated on any progress made with the cell site and what the engineer finds, and I am trying to find out who I can talk to regarding any improvements to he signal as we speak.

I hope that I have answered at least some of your questions and if and when I hear anything I will email you Mr Fuller.

Kind Regards

And my reply:

Thank you for your reply.

It does seem that our signal is lasting a bit longer, though until the cause of drop out is identified, it’s very much a case of see how things go.

Your offer of a Sure Signal is appreciated – I will convey that to the first Responders team. Your offer to convey the findings of engineers to us is also appreciated; this will give individual residents the opportunity to plan ahead on the basis of firm and reliable information.

Thank you for your efforts and I look forward to hearing from you as information becomes available.

Best regards,

Mike Fuller.

I’ll be firing an email to someone who can speak for the First Responders, but feel free to get in touch.

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