Vodafone Update: And Wanlockhead too

Since yesterday, it has come to light that Wanlockhead has been signal free since the 15th July – like Leadhills. Furthermore, the First Responders could be hampered by this lack of signal, being dependent on Vodafone for an important part of their communications – call out.

In the mean time, Vodafone has responded to my email requesting further information – the post code. I replied:

Thanks for your reply.

Leadhills is covered by the post code ML12 6**. Mine is ML12 6YA (Ramsay Road), others include ML12 6XX (Curfew Place) and so on.

Since my last email, I have learned that Wanlockhead, the neighbouring village is also affected (example post code ML12 6UZ, being Burnside Cottages – their Vodafones have also been down for more than a week). Furthermore, this is impacting upon the First Responders, a retained voluntary emergency service. Due to our isolated location, the service was set up to fill the time gap that’s taken for main emergency services to reach the villages of Leadhills and Wanlockhead. The service uses Vodafone to issue emergency calls to volunteers.

On a more positive note, a resident informed me that the signal returned to normal between 10AM and 2PM today; another found the signal present this morning, prior to leaving for work. One possibility that has been suggested is that the works on the Clydesdale Wind Farm at Elvanfoot, may be causing or contributing to this problem – could a judiciously placed 150 foot wind turbine or 30 of the things block a substantial measure of a signal?

I hope the above assists you in getting to the bottom of this affair.

Best regards…….

We’ll see what happens. In the meantime, thanks to all who have answered the call for Vodafone details; but there are many more of you out there. Get in touch with Name, Vodafone Number and address to be added to Angie Purse’s Joint Complaint.

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