Vodafone: Is Leadhills Broken?

What do Lee, Andy, Sue, Teresa, Angie, Martin and Tom have in common?
They all have Vodafone Mobiles that have no signal in Leadhills.

That was not always the case, it has only been this way for just over a week. But Vodafone it seems, is having none of it. This merry band of Leahillians allege they have also been told that it’s their phones that are faulty and that there have been no other complaints!

Where have we heard that before? Yes that big Water company had a problem with sweeping assumptions too – note the word “had”, they are busy fixing their problems.

Well having had a chat with the wee mob in the square, I suggested a mass, written complaint. It has been suggested that the advent of Vodafone’s internet relay gubbins, for poor reception areas, might be an excuse for letting awkward areas “drop out.” The fact that this would also impact on anyone visiting the Lowther Hills and heaven forbid, getting lost in these hills, would surely make such a policy unthinkable – wouldn’t it? A mass complaint might go some way to clarifying the situation.

Leadhills and Wanlockhead are small communities with strong links with Vodafone; it being the one network that offers workable coverage here – well it did until a week ago. If one were to tot up the Vodafone mobiles owned locally by adults and children, it would likely come to several hundred; many of which constitute life-lines for their owners. So now is not the time for Vodafone, allegedly, to be fobbing users off with thin excuses and evasions.

If your Vodafone is no longer working, please contact me with your name, address and mobile number(s) so that your details can be added to the mass complaint. (Details of and for the complaint will be held by Angie Purse – secretary of the Community Council. No details will be released to third parties under any circumstances.)

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4 Responses to Vodafone: Is Leadhills Broken?

  1. jean thomson says:

    vodaphone need to sort this out now its getting beyond a joke we pay for a service but dont get a service unless we leave the village our home phone bill is going to be so big will vodaphone compensate us for that i dont think so

  2. Linda Wright says:

    The signal is very weak but can still be found occasionally.
    I got full signal (unheard of) on Station Rd in a one metre perimeter yesterday morning. Slight movement either side and it went completely. Weird.
    I’ve also been finding that a two bar signal, up on the hills, normally more than enough to send texts by, didn’t allow texts.
    There is a marked difference but the signal has always been bad – it’s just quite a bit worse now. This has happened before and I’ve always presumed it was a combination of weather patterns and repair work.
    I don’t use my phone for calls because of the weakness of the signal.

    Has anyone got the booster? It would be interesting to know if they are affected as well.

  3. Mike says:

    It seems a signal, probably from another mast can be picked up – conditions permitting.

    Does anyone know which mast(s) serve Leadhills and Wanlockhead?

  4. jean thomson says:

    my daughter rang vodaphone and they say that they do not intend to fix anything our area as there doesnt seem to be a problem a lady near birmingham sent me an email to ay she had the same problem with vodaphone and it took 3 weeks for them to sort it in the end grrrrrrrr