Leadhills Panto Returns – Or Not

Moves are afoot to revive the Leadhills Panto, but progress is tortuous. Lee Gilmore is fronting these efforts but getting a cast together is proving to be a real challenge. It’s fair to say that there is currently about half a cast and a sore lack of chorus (back stage needed too).

Like many village projects, the Panto is by the village, for the village – in this case for Leadhills and Wanlockhead. The “for” bit is easy, the “by” bit requires a few good souls to give up a few hours a week until nearly Christmas. It won’t happen unless the Panto group can find these souls.

If you are one of these souls (18 or over), residing in Leadhills or Wanlockhead or anywhere else within reason and are willing to supply the “by” bit, please get in touch though our contact form or get in touch with Lee at the Bear shop on Main Street.

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